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Like the sea, It’s been a journey of highs and lows… but most of all lots of fun & new friends! Today, Aruba Trip Tips celebrates 5 Years of offering travel news on One Happy Island!

Welcome to Aruba Trip Tips……this website is about sharing a secret. When I find something amazing I want to share it with all my friends and not just keep it to myself.   Aruba Trip Tips wants to share with you the secrets that only the locals know.

Carlito's Sports Beach Bar - Palm Beach: Nestled between the Holiday Inn and the Playa Linda Resort on Palm Beach, Carlito's Sports Beach Bar is just the kind of casual beach bar you've come to Aruba for. Pick up a bucket of Balashi or a frosty Margarita. Treat yourself to a Cuban cigar or if you really want to cut loose grab that Karaoke mike and sing your heart out!
Aruba Beach Bar - Palm Beach
Flying Fishbone Restaurant – Savaneta, Aruba: Possibly the most romantic restaurant ever. Dine on the beach with you feet in the ocean. The perfect place to celebrate an unforgettable birthday, anniversary or maybe even…pop the question?
The Flying Fishbone Restaurant - Savaneta
On the Boulevard
Pelican's Nest Bar & Seafood Grill - Palm Beach: The view from the Holiday Inn Aruba is just amazing! Enjoy a cool drink at the Pelican's Nest Bar and watch sporting events or dine at the Seafood Grill. Watch the boats glide up to the pier or even feed the fish that swim up to the pier while you dine.
Pelican's Nest Bar & Seafood Grill - Palm Beach
Holiday Inn Aruba
Beautiful Beaches of Aruba
The California Lighthouse is a major Arubian landmark not to be missed. On the northern tip of the island a perfect point to enjoy a complete view of the island or watch a glorious sunset. Dine at El Faro Blanco Restaurant: For the best in Italian cuisine.
California Lighthouse - Hudishibana
Twilight: Evening's Palette
By the Golden Sea
Seaside Dining
Hip & Happening Bars
Nightlife on Palm Beach
Authentic Dutch & Aruban Cuisine
Magical Moments...
Aruba is one of those amazing places where you step out of your stress suit and right onto one of the planet’s most relaxing paradises. Aruba is a popular wedding, honeymoon or vacation destination but it has many hidden gems known only to the repeat traveler.


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Travel for a Stress-free Vacation! Known as “The Jewel of the Caribbean”, Aruba has nearly perfect weather with year round trade winds, beautiful white sandy beaches with greenish blue like water, endless dining options, tons of things to do and water activities. The soft sand beneath your feet, wave free and comfortable water temperature makes for a relaxing & safe experience for all family members. Fine dining is seemingly everywhere and yes, fast food is available too. The variety of food and it’s preparation caters to many tastes. Beachfront Hotels allow for many water activities ranging from parasailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding and much much more….Night life is a lot of fun if you like casinos, shows, bars, dancing or just strolling with your loved one on the beach with a loved one by sunset or moonlight.

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I Heart Aruba
I Heart Aruba

The charm and relaxed pace of the Aruban people is perhaps Aruba’s richest asset yet. The Aruban’s calm and gentle ways will make you feel safe and relaxed.  The pampering you receive will melt your concerns away and will make for a perfect slice of vacation heaven. Aruba Travel…..just what I need… I have been returning to Aruba for the last decade and the trip gets better every time. The goal at Aruba Trip Tips is to share with you all the insider travel tips for making the most of your stay. Please follow along closely and be prepared to fall in love with a life-affirming vacation destination that has satisfied so many over the years.

These are a few of “Our Favorite Things”…
Carlito’s Beach Bar
Ruinas Del Mar – Four Star Dining Under The Stars
T.H. Palm & Company
 – Upscale & Fun Shop Near the Hyatt Regency Aruba



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