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heartarubaUp until my first trip to Aruba, I had traveled to South America, Europe, and the Caribbean. With the many destinations the world has to offer, deciding on her next stop was tough. Every location looked gorgeous in photos…….sunny days and folks having a great time. What did these new locales have to offer beyond the travel guides and search engines–behind the scenes.
Thankfully a close friend, who had been there a few times had recommended Aruba and said basically that it would meet all my needs with regards to safety, plenty of sun, and a very pleasant atmosphere.

Aruba Travel Blogger:
christinaChristina – Our devoted web developer, artist & visionary. Convinced that Aruba would be everything she dreamed of and more she traveled to the island last year for the first time. Hooked, she will be returning this year multiple times because she too has fallen in love with Aruba.

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