Aruba Carnival 2015 is Here!

Aruba Carnival 2015 is Here!

by Amalia Reyes

It’s February 2, 2015..and while for most of us that means hoping and praying for a groundhog to predict that we won’t be submerged in 6 more weeks of winter…in Aruba it means that Carnival is well underway! But, a day is not enough for this happy little island to fully express all of the joy it has to give-no, you see, February simply marks the second half of this sensational experience-oh, and by second half, we actually mean second MONTH.


This year marks Aruba’s 61st annual Carnival celebration which takes place in both January AND February, giving you plenty of time to head out and celebrate with the happiest of people in the Caribbean!

Imagine a day where the colors of the rainbow come together in a marvelous array of outrageous costumes, eye popping floats, and classic Caribbean beats that’ll have your body moving in ways you never thought it could! With the eclectic sounds of soca, salsa, calypso and steel drums filling the streets with intoxicatingly good vibes, we can only imagine how hard it would be to sit still! There is definitely never a dull moment during Carnival.

If you’re traveling to Aruba this month, make sure to catch the rest of the festivities taking place till February 16th! Make sure to head down to Oranjestad to catch Aruba’s Tivoli Lighting Parade on Sat. February 7th @ 8pm for a spectacular display of tiny little lights illuminating everything from the dancers to the floats and definitely make sure you don’t miss the burning of King Momo on the 16th! For those of you who don’t know, The Burning of King Momo is the event that both symbolizes the end of Carnival and falls right on the eve of Ash Wednesday.



For more information about events or schedules for the month of February, feel free to visit for details on location, times and different events you can attend.

Happy Carnival Everyone!

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