Aruba – Jewel of the Caribbean…

The Divi Tree Native flora of Aruba
The Divi Tree – Kissed by the Trade Winds…


Aruba! The Jewel of the Caribbean. It’s nearly perfect weather with year round trade winds, beautiful white sandy beaches with greenish blue like water, magnificent dining options, a multitude of things to do and water activities and perhaps their richest asset yet, the Aruban People. Not many people are aware, but Aruba lies beneath the Hurricane belt and is just 12 degrees North of the equator. The Trade winds that blow all day helps with you not feeling the intense heat one would normally feel at that latitude. It’s arid climate contributes to it’s rain free atmosphere and because it’s windy whatever rain may occur is usually short lived & quickly blown out to sea. Another unknown treasure is that they hardly have any mosquitos which most people overlook when traveling abroad. I cannot comment much on their short rainy season, but some have reported a rise in mosquito activity then which usually takes place during October and November. The soft sand beneath your feet, wave free and comfortable water temperature makes for a relaxing & safe experience for all family members. The variety of food and it’s preparation caters to many types. Fine dining is seemingly everywhere and yes, fast food is available too. Beachfront Hotels allow for many water activities ranging from parasailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding and much much more….Night life is a lot of fun if you like casino’s, Shows, bars, dancing or just strolling with your loved one on the beach with a loved one by sunset or moonlight. The charm and relaxed pace of the Aruban people provide for the safe and catered service you receive that will melt your concerns away and will make for a perfect slice of heaven.



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