Butterfly Farm Aruba: A Magical World

concept/writing by Eileen M. editing/writing by Gina L.

Aruba Trip Tips just came back from a Great vacation in Aruba..!!! This year we did a very interesting and fun family event. We went to The Butterfly Farm–what a lovely place and very informative. The farm is nestled between the Eagle Beach & Palm Beach areas of Aruba. butterfly3 butterfly4We were surrounded by these beautiful creatures enjoying the freedom of this natural and safe habitat. It was an otherworldly experience as we realized we were in their domain. There is a short 15 minute tour available, where we were shown the chrysalis room and learned about the butterfly’s life cycle. We also learned the names of the many breeds that live at this butterfly conservatory. butterfly1These beautiful creatures aren’t as weak and delicate as one might think they are. We now have an even greater respect for them and enjoy their beauty in a whole new way!!!! For more information pls check their website: www.thebutterflyfarm.com butterfly-dinnertime butterfly2 An opportunity to see beautiful Monarchs, Blue Morphos and other species up close, you will be amazed how these magical creatures perform their transformation from caterpillar to aviator. Feeding time was an exciting scene when all different types of butterflies came together to feast on the divine sweet nectar of the tropical fruits placed out for them. To learn about all the different butterflies that live at the butterfly farm you can read this wonderfully informative page at their website: www.thebutterflyfarm.com/our-butterflies Never knew there were so many beautiful variations in the Lepidoptera family–scientific name for butterfiles. We learned that on our visit and we highly recommend it as a fun family outing in Aruba.

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