Carlito’s Sports Beach Bar

Carlito’s Sports Beach Bar

Concept/Writing/Research: Bill M.  Writing/Editing: Gina L.

Carlito’s Sports Beach Bar:
Located between the Holiday Inn and Playa Linda Hotel on the beach Boardwalk/pathway.heartaruba

This hidden little jewel is nestled between the Holiday Inn and the Playa Linda along the beach path that stretches behind most of the High rise hotels. This cozy little bar has been around for about 2 years and offers a beautiful sunset view by the beach while you kick back a pina colada or two w/ some friends or that significant other. There is a menu to select bar food that’s not only tasty, but extremely reasonable. They have wide screen TV’s to enjoy whatever game may be on or if you drank carlitos1 carlitos2enough courage you can choose a song to sing from the Karaoke DJ, who’s there once a week, to thrill your friends, tourists or locals with your talent. For you cigar enthusiast, did I forget to mention that they also sell Real Cuban Cigars**? Yes, they are legal here (see note) and they have a variety to choose from…So puff away! Their Happy Hour starts around noon time, lasts fairly long and deals are pretty good. You can purchase 2 Pina Coladas and other 2 for 1 offers that are very competitive. Probably, one of the more important things they have now introduced is beach side service. Sorry, folks but for whatever reason both the Holiday Inn and Playa Linda at the moment do not have waiters or waitresses who come on the beach to take your order….But guess who does?…..That’s right our friends from Cariltos Beach bar offer prompt and courteous service ordered from and delivered right to your Cabana. There’s nothing wrong with getting up and waiting on line and waiting for your order from the Holiday Inn beach bar if that’s how you want to spend your vacation. Like many of us, I work pretty hard and being catered too on the sand without having to exert any needless energy is what vaycay is all about, isn’t it?

**Note: U.S. Citizens still are not permitted to partake/purchase Cuban Cigars even away from home. While the law still forbids….HOORAY ! Looks like those Cubans may come to a cigar shop near you in the not so distant future—amazing no?!
Sorry guys but in the meantime you can always get bucket of Balashi instead….Glad to see you smile again!



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