What is Dushi?

What is Dushi?

dushibanner250What is Dushi?
by Gina L.

The word “Dushi” kept popping up and waving at me…
Dushi food, dushi music, dushi clothing….everywhere in Aruba you will see the word Dushi.dushihat

On my first trip to Aruba I was relieved to know that English is
spoken and I assumed from the proximity to South America that Spanish is as well. Being in the Dutch Caribbean I was looking
forward to picking up a few new phrases that I would bring home. I imagined showing off my photos and throwing out some signature lines making me feel like a well-traveled hipster back from foreign lands. To my surprise there are many more languages to be found in Aruba….
I thought I’d found a fourth language but then realized Aruba was only beginning to reveal it’s rich and romantic history to me. The mother-tongue of this beautiful island is PAPIAMENTO! the original language of Aruba.

It’s origins lean back to the 1500’s when African slaves devised a way to speak with their Spaniard masters who ran from mainland Europe ahead of the Inquisition machine.dushi_papiamentu150

As more Europeans came to Aruba from Portugal and the Netherlands the language gained more girth. Lastly add to the mix the visits of South American traders and indigenous persons and you have a pretty amazing language legacy.

After a bit of inquiry and phone surfing I learned that Dushi means SWEET. I imagine that Dushi is a word so rich it is able to convey many tones with which the word “SWEET” could be delivered. Whether you’re a teen skateboarder or a dear Grand mama, Dushi is a word that can be part of your repertoire…..So stay Dushi and it was very Dushi of you to read my thoughts.

Have a great day or Pasa un bon dia!beach dushi

From a self-appointed Hipster Fan of Dushi Aruba

Photo credits: Beach photo – Just Call Me Dushi


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