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What to know before you go to Aruba:

Dutch and Papiamento are the official languages spoken in Aruba, but English is widely used there as well as Spanish and Portuguese.

The time there is Eastern daylight savings time.

There is more energy and things to do around the High Rise Hotels. Depending on where you book your stay you can literally walk across the street and choose from a number of different restaurants, shops, movie theaters, bars, clubs, occasional free entertainment & other things to do without having to drive. The explosion of growth around the High rise hotels have made this area in the past few years very attractive. The low rise hotels are more private with not as much activity going on which allows for a very relaxing low key vacation. Do keep in mind that because of their location and their distance the ease of just walking across the street is not available in that area and will most probably require transportation to take you to these high energy areas.

Orangestad, the capital was at one time the beacon of all activity and the place to be but in the last few years the shift and focus on tourism has relocated to where the high rise hotels are located. The city still has many things to offer, but you will find yourself gravitating towards the excitement and energy the night life has to offer around the high rise hotels.

All inclusive packages may sound great, but can also be costlier and limiting. Circumstances are different for everyone therefore packages respectfully vary from person to person. Inclusive sounds great for all that it offers, but if you want to go outside the hotel and then sample the native foods and/or visit very appealing local restaurants or destinations your expense will now go up considerably. Customizing your package deal and viewing this site for further dining tips should help reduce expenses and stretch your dollar further.

Comfortable and protective foot ware is important. Sandals for the beach or just walking around, Shoes for going out in the evening either for Dinner, dancing or casually strolling down the boulevard.

For those thrill seekers who like exploring be advised that the eastern part of the island along the coastline the terrain is very rough in many areas.

If you plan on visiting caves or the arid terrain of the east coast you may want to have a little carry bag or knapsack with you. It’s always a good idea to carry water, sunscreen, sunglasses and small hand towels when visiting that side of the island

For baggage make sure to check with your local airline to see how much you’re allowed to bring on the plane with you and what fees may be included.

Electricity-Aruba has adopted the 110 voltage standard of the U.S. & Canada.

Flight time and distance from various locations. Travelling directly from the tri-state area can be anywhere from 3 ½ hours to either 4 hours


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