Labor Day Getaway Weekend Winners

Labor Day Getaway Weekend Winners

by The Aruba Trip Tips Team:

I don’t know about you but for me the more we travel the faster time flies. Not a big physics buff but my hubby loves to tell me the opposite about Einstein & relativity, how the faster you travel the slower time goes….either way it’s essential to travel in a well-appointed style. The better quality your gear is the more comfortable the trip and that doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.

We love well made travel gear and smart fabrics that make packing for your Labor Day weekend escape a breeze. Afterall, your trying to take a break from all the extra work–right?

1) André Lorent  Daily Rehydrating Sunscreen 30+ SPF

DAY 1: Headed out to Crab Meadow  Beach on the North Shore of Long Island.  Sat in the noonday sun and applied André Lorent and can truly say I Loved the feel! Silky, blends in quickly and leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. I tanned beautifully and in style with André Lorent. Skin where I  had not applied André Lorent had a slight redness.

The real test will be on Day 2 in ARUBA!

DAY 2: Aruba, as you may already know, has the most sunniest day of all islands in the Caribbean. It is approx. 863 miles away from the equator and lies between the Tropic of Cancer & Capricorn– serious sunshine, all day every day.  We arrived at Palm Beach and were immediately told by the beach attendant to use sunblock. We  generously applied André Lorent  on our body–it was quickly absorbed by our skin while leaving it feeling soft and moisturized.   The product gives such a light feeling that you will wonder if you are protected. For comparison purposes we also applied an economy brand 70SPF on our faces—it felt heavy & greasy,  fairly uncomfortable to use.  After an hour under a palm tree we put Andre Lorent through the paces. We entered the Aruba waters without reapplying sunblock and swam for one hour. Back at out chairs we reapplied and then spent another hour walking the beach walk. In our hotel room we realized how nicely we had tanned without burning—but our faces had a rosy glow indicating the start of a burn. André Lorent at 30SPF was far more effective than the “no-frills” national chain brand at 70SPF in addition to it’s light, comfortable feel. For sunbathers who truly want the very best quality in skin protection from the sun UVA/UVB rays choose André Lorent Sunscreen.

Available on

2) White Mark Floral Skater Dress
Cute & flirty this beauty defines our POV of the perfect summer day dress. The lightweight fabric is oh-so-comfy and it packs beautifully.
Pair it with a perfect pair of summer flats and you will look amazing.
You’ll want one in every color–also comes in blue.

Available on

3) NW Travel Gear RFID Travel Wallet/Passport Holder

An efficient and functional case–stores flat, lightweight yet sturdy with many handy compartments. We counted 8 pockets in total for phone, passport, credit cards, cash…includes a carabiner clip for keys. Durable polyester exterior with PVC window which nicely held his monthly train pass for the Long Island Rail Road. What’s cool is you don’t have worry about which luggage pockets have all you important documents–wallet stays around your neck when you run for the gate to make that flight. Not sure how to test the RFID feature but it was nice to know it’s there! Found my husband taking the wallet everywhere to carry his valuables on a recent trip to Aruba–highly reccommended.
Available at

4) ESky Electronic Luggage Scale

My wife and I bought this nifty little Luggage scale because we grew tired of inaccurately weighing our luggage on the bathroom scale before every trip.  Now with this great new luggage scale designed specifically for this very purpose it takes only a few seconds to get a reliable read out on a easy to view LCD display. It’s light, portable and convenient and has helped with determining if your suitcase is over the weight limit. Who wants to be charged extra at the airport for one too many souvenirs? Available at

5) Camo  Zeppo Duffle Bag

Besides looking the picture of cool and hip at the airport we really appreciate the deep capacity of the oh so chic oversize duffle. What’s also very interesting is it’s made completely of recycled materials–very hip indeed! Perfect for a long, holiday getaway. Available at Tigerbear Republik

*Disclosure: Some of these products were received as samples in exchange for an honest, unbiased, review. The reviews and or opinions on this blog are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising.

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