Paname French Restaurant

Paname French Restaurant

Paname French Restaurant

1068 2nd Avenue

New York, N.Y. 10022


Review by Christina & Salvatore Canzoneri, August 2015

Paname French Restaurant on 56th St & Lex. is a lovely French Bistro, it is in a word is a delightful…

We were met by our lovely host the amazing chef/owner Bernard Ros. Chef paname-chef-rosRos, who’s owned a number of restaurants in NYC over the past 40 years, is an engaging and enjoyable host. While we were there he would routinely stop at tables to chat with his guests treating each as if they were old friends.  And that as much as the simple, inviting decor, with a hint of Art Deco in the wall hangings gives Paname an air of casual coziness that defines what a bistro should be about.

As the evening progressed the lights were lowered to match the fading daylight and the room glowed warmly as the lovely meal progressed. The ambiance was gentle, soothing a quiet murmur of diner’s conversations was complimented by a romantic European soundtrack of timeless love songs which was truly sensual and hip.

Wine: Chilean Chardonnay, Cabernet


Without a wine list I felt a bit vulnerable trusting Julia, our server to select a Chardonnay to please my finicky expectations. She nailed it! The Chard was smooth & buttery….the way I like it. My husband was equally pleased with the smoky Cabernet that was selected for him and we were both two glasses pleased.

Our Prixe Fixe meal was $38 per person and tasted more like it should have cost closer to $100 for that we were treated to ——–

A savory morsel to awaken the palate.

Amuse Bouche : Porcini Mushrooms & Avocado Pate w 2 Sauces


Delicious twist on a classic French dish.

Escargot in Baby Potatoes with Garlic Butter

Golden and crisp with the perfect remoulade.
A refreshing surprise with a hint of spice.

Crab Cakes w Remoulade Sauce



Remise en bouche: Watermelon with Feta Cheese & Pine Nuts


Main Course:

Delicate and moist! Crisp Pistachio Nuts add texture.

Filet of Sole with Citrus Vervaine and Pistachio Nuts, Bergamot Oil

Juicy and perfectly seared shell steak.

New York Shell Steak with Shallots and Sauce Bordelaise


Hot espresso is poured over to form a soup. Incredible!

Chocolate Volcano

Spun sugar basket with fresh creme and berries atop.

Apple Tarte


Captures the violets of Toulouse. The sweet evening in a glass.

Violette Sorbet & Passion Fruit Champagne

And the food is simply: delicate & delicious. Paname’s menu is nicely-sized so as not to overwhelm and is generously balanced with food that appeals to your eyes as well as your taste and preferences. Chef Ros told us that his goal is to serve good food at a price that people not on expense accounts can afford and he succeeds brilliantly.

It seems that Chef Ros keeps his costs, and his guests’ dinner cheques, down by shopping for all his food himself, instead of having a food purveyor bring the food to him, which has the added bonus of allowing him to select high quality ingredients himself, and by running his restaurant himself not relying on a large staff. Which doesn’t mean that we were served by harried and overworked staff. In truth our server, Julie, the only one on duty that night we were there, was both friendly and attentive to our needs.

paname-meWe HIGHLY recommend Paname NYC as the perfect dining experience for a date night, family gathering or intimate celebration.

The meal made you excited to be in the moment with someone dear to you, by your side, sharing this delightful repast. Thank you Chef Ros, you truly know how to bring joy to your guests through your delightful culinary creations.

(We were given this meal in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% our own.)

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