Ruinas Del Mar – Four Star Dining Under The Stars

Ruinas Del Mar – Four Star Dining Under The Stars

by Gina L.

Ruinas del Mar (Spanish for “Ruins by the Sea.”) is a very elegant dining option located at the Hyatt Regency and is known as their signature restaurant. The outdoor patio is embraced by a tranquil lagoon and surrounded by a wall of indigenous Calichi limestone reminiscent of an old Spanish fortress, hence it’s name.
A truly romantic setting for four star dining under the stars against a gorgeous candlelit backdrop .  The surrounding grounds of Ruinas and the Hyatt are so serene that you will think you’ve entered Nirvana….landscaped gardens,  whispering fountains and a cascading waterfall soothe your soul, all the while friendly Black swans and Koi swim gently around in the peaceful lagoon which embraces the dining patio.
A meal on a cloud could only surpass such a setting.

The candlelit tables and cozy ambiance makes the perfect setting for a very romantic dinner. The dishes are very tasty but can be a bit pricey. Please keep in mind that the outdoor dining is more for couples seeking a romantic meal. The restaurant also offers indoor dining with plenty of seating and more suited for families which also offers pleasant surroundings and a generous amount of air conditioning.

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