Welcome to Le Petit Cafe
by Amalia Reyesle petit cafe in aruba

Although “Petit” may mean small to those who know french, this restaurant is one that is capable of leaving a large and lasting impression on anyone who stops in-whether it be for a bottomless cup of coffee or tea or for Le Petit’s signature stone grilled meals…you will certainly be nothing short of impressed.

Located in front of the breath-taking Playa Linda Beach Resort on the Northwestern shores of Aruba, this quaint little restaurant has been serving their guests since 1980; providing authentic, family-owned quality food and service to both land lovers and beach combers alike.

Being a family owned business for two generations, it comes as no surprise that Le Petit is all about customs and traditions, even dating back to Ancient Egypt! A true feast combining virtually all of your senses, Le Petit provides you with a hot stone (Be careful! The stone is said to be a sweltering 600 degrees!) on which you may either cook items offered on the menu or, with a day’s notice, Le Petit will prepare an item that is not already on the menu.lepeitcafeplancha You may  also bring your own food/fresh caught fish to cook as well! Not only is “romancing the stone” one of the healthier/more unique ways to dine on the island, but it is also fat-free and absolutely mouth watering! Can you say winning? (Say it with us..WINNING!). Items that are offered to be grilled on hot stones can be viewed here.

If however you are looking for an inexpensive breakfast where you can eat as much as you want for $9.95 go no further! From 8:00 AM Till 11:00 AM you can get the following:

Omelette (w/ Ham, Cheese, Onions and Green pepper) scrambled Eggs sunny side up, Eggs over easy, Poached Eggs and Boiled Eggs are served with the following:
Bacon, Sausage, Fruit of the day, Home made Potatoes, Pancakes, toast, Orange Juice, Coffee and Tea. Half off for Children under 10 years of age.

Dinner is served from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM nightly, and reservations can be made online or at +(297) 586-4046.

For more information feel free to visit their website: http://lepetitaruba.com

We hope you’ll enjoy your unique dining experience as much as we did! Bon Appétite Aruba!

Ruinas Del Mar – Four Star Dining Under The Stars

Ruinas Del Mar – Four Star Dining Under The Stars

by Gina L.

Ruinas del Mar (Spanish for “Ruins by the Sea.”) is a very elegant dining option located at the Hyatt Regency and is known as their signature restaurant. The outdoor patio is embraced by a tranquil lagoon and surrounded by a wall of indigenous Calichi limestone reminiscent of an old Spanish fortress, hence it’s name.
A truly romantic setting for four star dining under the stars against a gorgeous candlelit backdrop .  The surrounding grounds of Ruinas and the Hyatt are so serene that you will think you’ve entered Nirvana….landscaped gardens,  whispering fountains and a cascading waterfall soothe your soul, all the while friendly Black swans and Koi swim gently around in the peaceful lagoon which embraces the dining patio.
A meal on a cloud could only surpass such a setting.

The candlelit tables and cozy ambiance makes the perfect setting for a very romantic dinner. The dishes are very tasty but can be a bit pricey. Please keep in mind that the outdoor dining is more for couples seeking a romantic meal. The restaurant also offers indoor dining with plenty of seating and more suited for families which also offers pleasant surroundings and a generous amount of air conditioning.