Labor Day Travel Gear Picks 2016

Greetings to all our readers and yes the flight of time, our most valuable asset, has brought us to the Second Annual Travel Product Review for 2016! We generally choose to release our review just before Labor Day—why? We don’t know why!….well maybe it ‘s that with Summer winding down in the Northeast U.S. where we live, we are searching for a reason the get psyched about the next 7-8 months of cold temps on their way…..”Winter Is Coming”… Fly South my friends, Fly South! My more pragmatic partner would say it’s the Travel Gear primer to the high season in the Caribbean which is just around the corner. Either way, we hope you find it helpful—we’ve put these products through their paces and want to share with you what we’ve found. And with Hurricane Hermine looming on our doorsteps hence we unveil our “Second Annual Travel Gear Picks for 2016”.


1)  Vizers $19.99
How do you improve on the most basic of sun products—THE VISOR? Well the guys at “Vizers” have figured it out…one of the things fairly evident when using a cloth visor at the beach is that after a few uses it starts to grow a coral reef…lol! Seriously it gets damp and stained with salt & sweat & sea water and starts to loose some of its freshness and shape. The designers at Vizers have taken all that into consideration and created a lightweight foam visor that is comfortable, colorful, durable….it FLOATS! And best of all is easily washed with a bit of soap & water. What’s also exciting they’ve created a line of Vizers specifically being sold with Aruba emblems at all the “I Love Aruba” Stores.  Josh sent us his “ARUBA” designed Vizers and we’re sure you’ll agree they are adorable and practical, great for the Aruban “outback”!
One more sweet feature is you can customize your Vizers with “TOUTS” which are charms to embellish and represent your favorite sport from dive flag to Martini glass…
We feel it a great upgrade on a beach essential. Pack wells too! Adjustable for sizes from kids to XXL guys—hubby loves it!

Available on

2) Boyd’s Cosmetic Brush Travel Set $30.00
You’re going on vacation and while you can’t bring all your worldly possessions you don’t have deny yourself the basics if you have the right compact gear. From our friends at Boyd’s on Fifth Avenue in NYC we were able to test out their Renoir brand signature 7Pc. Sable makeup Brush set. The set is built for travel in a black PVC pouch with snap and holds 7 mini makeup brushes of the highest quality. Packs nice & flat with an extra pocket. What we like best is the fact that the sable brushes are luxuriously soft and do not loose bristles when used. A real winner from Renior by Boyd’s–a signature line from an NYC Cosmetic company for nearly 60 years.

Available at

3) Dynotag® Web/GPS Enabled QR charm Bracelet $24.95
My partner and I were having a conversation and he wondered if the QR code technology could be used in some way to store personal or medical information in a bracelet when you travel. Lo! and behold we found the DYNOTAG QR Smart Tag bracelets. They are called “passive response” and the way they work is you create a profile at their website adding medical info or ID info and just wear the bracelet. Should first responders need to assist you they scan the tag with the many scanner apps that are out there and pull up your profile on their phone.
Really cool is that they make the bracelet in a waterproof model with really cute tropical beach charms—so you disguise the ID bracelet as regular costume jewelry. Ingenious, my dear Watson!
Also shown is the orange web bracelet if charm bracelets are not for you. Dynotags are available for luggage, pets….and even kids! Cool uses for technology in travel.

Available at

4) SQUEEZE POD! – on-the-go natural toiletries $19.99
We love the name for this simple but handy little product that has so many applications—literally & figuratively…SQUEEZE POD! It’s a very neat, pre-loaded toiletry bag so it’s perfect for grab-n-go last minute travel. The clear toiletry bag comes pre-filled with individual, leak-proof, single-use toiletry pods which are both hassle-free and TSA compliant. Included are 2each: shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Also 3 of each: facial cleanser, shave cream, moisturizing lotion, hand purifier, hair gel, & odor eliminator.
No time to fill up little travel bottles before the flight? Not prob just “SNAP. SQUEEZE.GO”
While I’m a bit of a tyrant with only using my hair products I would gladly use the body wash, hand purifier, and moisturizing lotion. Hubby will use the rest which includes shave cream.
Great item for camping, caravans and boats where storage space is at a premium! We like!
Available at

5) Mosquito Repellents – the new necessity in travel!
Not gonna sugar-coat this but not an expert  on mosquito vectors either. As a kid, I remember spending late summer evenings playing Frisbee on the streets until midnight and realizing when I got home I had been a bug feast—bit up in 10-12 spots. Besides the endless itching & basting in calamine lotion, it was a harmless rite of summer and nothing to worry about.
This year things are more real and precaution isn’t a bad idea—this opine from the Frisbee free-spirit…we had some criteria in our search for the best organic mosquito products on the market!
1) the product must be organic and deet-free 2) travel well in a small bottle meeting TSA regs. And lastly 3) smell great!
We found two lovely products that make us feel good about applying essential oils to our skin and not harsh chemicals…..We liked Amrita Aromatherapy Lemon Eucalyptus Bugs Be Gone as it is safe for children & babies and field-tested in 4 oz. bottle. It repels mosquitoes, fleas, ticks & chiggers. Available on for $10.13

Whole Clarity states their mission is to “Raise the Vibration of the Planet through excellent health and wellness and mindful living.” such a beautiful idea, in its simplicity. The packaging is a clean design and states it repels mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and ticks. The bottle is 3.3 oz and we can’t stop enjoying the scent.
Available on for $14.97 or at (love their website!)
Better to be prepared from home as you may find repellent quite expensive to purchase when traveling. As a final thought…oils of lemon/eucalyptus are recommended as a repellent by the CDC

6) Bags for Travel Storage Within Luggage

Alku Travel Genuine Nylon Shoe Bags –$14.99
I’ve put them in supermarket bags, pillowcases and purses always wishing someone would design the right bag to store shoes in my luggage. The nylon shoe bags from Alku Travel are sturdy and elegant with space for up to 3 pairs of shoes in each bag. The floral logo adds an air of richness and flair to the bags. The product come with 3 drawstring stopper bags and I can think of many additional travel uses—laundry, toys , souvenirs…..basically, anything you’d like to separate and protect in your luggage.

Available at

UU Family Toiletry Bag Makeup Pouch – $6.50
This toiletry/cosmetic bag has 3 fab qualities!
1) It’s clear, so it’s TSA friendly….no unpacking, just pull out from your luggage 2) Cute, shiny patent blue leather-like trim is very stylish and VEGAN! and 3) It has a nice larger capacity, more than your average makeup case as we were able to fit quite a few extra items in the bag. It’s a great little bag! and also available on Amazon Prime. Lastly, we spoke with the owners who are the sweetest folks!

Available at

Disclosure: Some of these products were received as samples in exchange for an honest, unbiased, review. The reviews and or opinions on this blog are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising.

Product Reviews by Christina Canzoneri

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Aruba Deals & Savings Ideas


Aruba Deals & Savings Ideas

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4) Please Check Out what the Holiday Inn Aruba has to offer:

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  • Room accommodation (one King size bed or two Double beds)
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  • 25% discount at Pelican Adventures (tours and water-sports) per  room per stay. Including activities such as : sailing & snorkeling cruise, sunset cruise, tres playa beach safari, beach & cave tour, kayaks rental, paddle boat rentals
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  • Free Parking

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Fly over to our worry-free zone! Your family holidays just got a lot easier to plan this summer. Get ready to enjoy your fun-filled and colorful Caribbean vacation – made easy for you.

  • Room accommodation (one King size bed or two Double beds)
  • 3 Delicious meals daily for two adults: full breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Kids Eat Free is available for kids age 12 years old and under when ordering in the hotel’s restaurant from the Kid’s Menu and when accompanied by a family member dining from the regular menu.
  • Unlimited resort brand liquors
  • 25% discount  at Pelican Adventures (tours and water-sports) per room per stay. Including activities such as: sailing & snorkeling cruise, sunset cruise, tres playa beach safari, beach & cave tour, kayaks rental, paddle boat rentals
  • $100 USD credit at Etnika Spa per room per stay
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free In-room coffee and mini fridge
  • Free Parking

* Terms & Conditions

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Moomba’s Beach Bar & Restaurant Voted Best Beach Bar In The World by CNN

Probably one of Aruba’s best kept secrets and Hidden treasures. This charming little oasis is located on the beach hidden out of sight between the Holiday Inn and the Marriot nestled among the Divi trees….moomba2moombamoomba

Aruba – Jewel of the Caribbean…

The Divi Tree Native flora of Aruba
The Divi Tree – Kissed by the Trade Winds…


Aruba! The Jewel of the Caribbean. It’s nearly perfect weather with year round trade winds, beautiful white sandy beaches with greenish blue like water, magnificent dining options, a multitude of things to do and water activities and perhaps their richest asset yet, the Aruban People. Not many people are aware, but Aruba lies beneath the Hurricane belt and is just 12 degrees North of the equator. The Trade winds that blow all day helps with you not feeling the intense heat one would normally feel at that latitude. It’s arid climate contributes to it’s rain free atmosphere and because it’s windy whatever rain may occur is usually short lived & quickly blown out to sea. Another unknown treasure is that they hardly have any mosquitos which most people overlook when traveling abroad. I cannot comment much on their short rainy season, but some have reported a rise in mosquito activity then which usually takes place during October and November. The soft sand beneath your feet, wave free and comfortable water temperature makes for a relaxing & safe experience for all family members. The variety of food and it’s preparation caters to many types. Fine dining is seemingly everywhere and yes, fast food is available too. Beachfront Hotels allow for many water activities ranging from parasailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding and much much more….Night life is a lot of fun if you like casino’s, Shows, bars, dancing or just strolling with your loved one on the beach with a loved one by sunset or moonlight. The charm and relaxed pace of the Aruban people provide for the safe and catered service you receive that will melt your concerns away and will make for a perfect slice of heaven.



Driftwood Aruba You Catch the Fish, We Cook The Fish

Driftwood Aruba You Catch the Fish, We Cook The Fish


This charming establishment has great food, high energy and a courteous staff. This is the sort of place where friends and families go to just enjoy themselves. The nautical theme lends to the allure of this driftwood1Authentic Aruban seafood restaurant. Fresh fish is caught daily and prepared by a talented chef. The Driftwood also offers charter services for people who enjoy fishing.