May 6, 2015: Great topic to speak on. We were all so animated and fun. Who doesn’t love food ?! Pizza came up more than a few times…
April 29,2015: What can you do as a responsible traveler to reduce your impact on the residents of your destination and on the planet as a whole? Let’s think about it together.
April 22,2015: Hooray! Picnic weather is here again. What’s your fav part –the food planning, the alfresco dining, the scenic location? We love it all!
Part 2 of 2
April 8, 2015: Pilgramage!…..what would go to the ends of the Earth to see? Your favorite sports team, film festival buff or Otaku anime con-goers? Let’s talk!
April 1, 2015: April Fools Day! Travel without photography is like it never happened.
March 25,2015: Festivus for the rest of us! Bring out the primitive, undulating beats, undulating bodies in the heat….. so many festivals, so little time.
March 18, 2015: Ziplining over the Yucatan jungle. Fly like an eagle!
March 11,2015: Cut loose, Hit the highway, Runaway for the weekend. Did you know doctors say we need 6 mini-vacays a year to stay healthy!
March 4,2015: Solo travel can challenge us and bring out the best side of ourselves. At least once you should travel solo, you may surprise yourself!
February 24,2015: Ugh! The Layover…..nuff said
February 18,2015: Beaches! We got this…..Aruba, host to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Baby Beach voted Top 10 by USA Today.
February 11,2015: So excited to speak about my skiing adventures from seeing God on Trifji in Zermatt, Switzerland. And running into Richard Branson the whole trip—we are convinced he was stalking us…of course my computer froze—fitting 🙁
February 4,2015: Fitness–so important for a quality life. We all have different ways to get fit. I’m not a runner but can admire dedication & discipline. Some of our chatters run Marathons–impressed!
January 28,2015: Captain’s Log…..no seriously. We spoke about extreme travel today. War zones, inaccessible locales and everyone had some incredible tales to tell.
January 21, 2015: We had a lot of fun today talking about our favorite travel apps and devices. We even enjoyed daydreaming about what travel will be like in 100 Years. My guess is by then we will have created a civilian colony on Mars and it will be 2115’s Hot Destinations. Now about that transporter….
January 15, 2015: We continued to enjoy discussions about all that might be popular and possible in the new year. 2015 promises many new horizons.
January 6, 2015: Our first #TRAVEX chat as co-hosts in2015! We decided to add the visual in hopes to get everyone excited about #TRAVEX.

December 17, 2014: Our first #TRAVEX chat as co-hosts. We we’re thrilled at the opportunity and a bit nervous too…..but it rocked!


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