Welcome Back to Aruba! July 10, 2020


Ready to Return? – WELCOME BACK to Aruba! July 10, 2020

As of this writing, we are just days away from the re-opening of Aruba to travelers from the United States. This Friday, July 10th is the official date, and we couldn’t be more excited however there are some special new rules that will need to be adhered to…

We’ve taken this information from the Aruba Tourism Authority website date July 4, 2020:


Graphic: Aruba.com

To increase safety measure for the health and well-being of travelers and our locals, visitors from the United States residing in:
•North Carolina
•South Carolina
•South Dakota
will still be able to travel to Aruba. However, as of July 10th, travelers residing in the states listed above must take a PCR test and upload their test results as part of the online Embarkation/Disembarkation process prior to departure. Travelers can get tested within the 72-hour period prior to their direct departure flight time to Aruba, and they must upload the results to the online Embarkation/Disembarkation process at least 12-hours prior to their direct departure flight time to Aruba. Travelers residing in the states listed above states will not be able to upload results after that point, meaning that they cannot travel to Aruba without a valid negative PCR test.
Travelers residing in states listed above will not have the option to be tested upon arrival at the airport in Aruba.
All other United States visitors that reside in states not listed above still have the option of taking a PCR test at their own expense upon arrival at the airport in Aruba, or can upload the PCR test in the 72-hour window.

The Aruba Tourism Authority website is a wealth of travel information and updates regarding travel entry requirements. Please check it often to stay abreast of the changing events and reopening protocols and procedures:

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